Reviews: A Vision of Murder

DownloadedFileSo this psychic eye mystery called A Vision Of Murder by Victoria Laurie is the sequel to Better Read Than Dead. It doesn’t have the mafia, but Abby again finds her life in danger from the supernatural. (No. I don’t mean Twilight vampires. ;] ) She however with her sister, Cat and her handy man, Dave, buy property that they decided to fix up and sell for an investment. Except they do not get very far before they are scared out of the property from the ghost of people that Abby spends her time trying to figure out what their connection is to the house.

She spends most her time from her psychic business during that month piecing things together until she finally puts some ghosts to rest. This series is one of my favorites as far a mystery. Not as serious a mystery series as some that I like but is a great tension reliever, fun book that I can’t put down. I can’t wait to read the next one, Killer Insight!

Check out Laurie’s website. She happens to be a real psychic herself.



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