Reviews: Glory In Death

DownloadedFileYes, here is the second book in the J.D. Robb In Death series. In Glory In Death, Eve is investigating a number of murders that puts her in the media’s eye. Again, Roaarke who turns out to be her love interest is again himself connected to those that are murdered. Does this man get around or what? (If you are already confused look at my post from three weeks ago.) So every victim is a famous woman that Eve finds has a high profile with the media either as a star, news anchor, etc. What else is a female detective to do other than put herself in the limelight? Of course that is not hard when you are dating the most well known bachelor in New York who has more money then she knows what to do with. I am loving this series and how the author puts the date in 2058 where guns are banned and there are other ways to commit murder.

A sneak preview for next week will be on a suspense that I came across at the bookstore written by Ted Dekker that I read mixed reviews on myself.

Title: The Bride Collector.



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