Reviews for March 5th 2015!

I am trying to get back to posting my weekly reviews. I have been so busy reviewing for Fresh Fiction that I have not done the stack for my blog that are beside my bed. So I’ll share the one’s from Fresh Fiction for the next few weeks.

thI’ll start with four from Fresh Fiction that I reviewed last year and the first one is by an author I love. Deadly Forecast is the review of one of my favorite cozy mystery writers Victoria Laurie. Please read my review from this link and let me know what you might think.




th-2Now this next review is on a collection of stories from some of the greatest mystery writer ever in my opinion. Faceoff has such writers as Joseph Finder and R. L. Stine! You might not want to read this book at night. 🙂




th-3Speaking of Joseph Finder, have you read his latest book Suspicion? If not check out the link for my review on the following link. What and awesome writer he is!





th-4So this last book that I will share the review with you is not a mystery but a heartwarming story about a mother and daughter that each fine love where they are not looking for it. Butternut Summer is such a sweet wholesome story.

Next week I’ll have more reviews from Fresh Fiction.


Reviews: Death Perception

Unknown-1Our favorite psychic, Abby Cooper, is back in Victoria Laurie’s Death Perception along with her FBI boyfriend Dutch! In this novel Dutch’s cousin Chase and another investigator is missing while working under cover himself out in Vegas. So Dutch takes Abby to the sin city hoping her psychic skills will help him find Chase.

This turns out to be a trip of emotional roller coasters for Abby. Dutch is not well and this is obvious but what could be wrong. Abby has visions of Dutch’s tombstone. Then the worse happens and Abby has to call on not only her crew (psychic crew) but her sister Cat and business partner from back home Candice. Dutch warns her to leave if anything goes wrong and something happens to him. Would Abby really do that? So these three women not only try to find three missing men, one being Dutch, but run from the FBI all while in Vegas! Why are they running from the FBI? Shouldn’t they be helping with finding Dutch and the others? You will have to read the book to find out why?

This is the best of this series so far. I did not want it to come to an end. No worries though, because their investigation on some unanswered questions will continue in the novel.

Reviews: Crime Seen

imagesAnother Abby Cooper story from the Psychic Eye Mysteries has put Abby into danger yet again. Crime Seen written by Victoria Laurie, is packed full of the psychic warnings that lead the main character into adventures that sometimes, despite her trying to do good, gets her in hot water with her hunky boyfriend and FBI agent Dutch Rivers.

When asked by Dutch to help use her psychic gifts to help him solve three tough cases, she accidentally tunes in on an old case that points to the innocence of a man up for parole that was arrested for shooting Milo’s old partner from years ago. Milo is Dutch’s friend and partner up until Ditch joined the FBI. As you must imagine, trying to prove the innocence of a convicted cop killer does not go over well with her boyfriend. This case has her working with her friend and PI has Abby finding investment scams, close calls to death, as well as a riot at a maximum prison.

As I find myself loving the story line I can sometimes get upset with Abby’s character a little. The one thing she is not always sure of is making commitments to her boyfriend. SPOILER: That changes! No not marriage either. However, Dutch goes to extremes measures to make sure his sweethot, as he calls her, is always close by. J

Reviews: Killer Insight

DownloadedFileKiller Insight written by Victoria Laurie, has us following Abby Cooper to Colorado to fill in as a bridesmaid for a childhood friend, Ellie when all heck breaks loose. The other bridesmaids start disappearing and weird things start happening including visions of the groom in a birdcage lets Abby know that her intuition will not turn out well for the bride to be. Abby plays off her strange visions from her psychic abilities as just being in a different altitude. She is unable for the first time to not be able to do a read for one of the bridesmaids and gets some very confusing dreams about herself that leaves her shaken. On top of all of this, Abby is suffering from a breakup with her boyfriend Dutch. This sends her in the arms of Duffy, Ellie’s brother and the town’s sheriff. This story really had me wondering how it was going to end…

Spoiler: The story starts out with her talking about how she dies. What? She can’t can she? She is the main character right? I guess there are other stories written about a ghost. Is this one? Read to find out.


Reviews: A Vision of Murder

DownloadedFileSo this psychic eye mystery called A Vision Of Murder by Victoria Laurie is the sequel to Better Read Than Dead. It doesn’t have the mafia, but Abby again finds her life in danger from the supernatural. (No. I don’t mean Twilight vampires. ;] ) She however with her sister, Cat and her handy man, Dave, buy property that they decided to fix up and sell for an investment. Except they do not get very far before they are scared out of the property from the ghost of people that Abby spends her time trying to figure out what their connection is to the house.

She spends most her time from her psychic business during that month piecing things together until she finally puts some ghosts to rest. This series is one of my favorites as far a mystery. Not as serious a mystery series as some that I like but is a great tension reliever, fun book that I can’t put down. I can’t wait to read the next one, Killer Insight!

Check out Laurie’s website. She happens to be a real psychic herself.


Reviews: Better Read Than Dead

imagesMy first book that I read on my Nook was Better Read Than Dead by Victoria Laurie. This is the second book in the A Psychic Eye Mystery. I love the main character, Abby Cooper. She has a lot of spunk and a no give up attitude. In this mystery she comes up against the mob after helping a friend out with a psychic reading for a wedding party. Little does she know that her life is about to be turned upside down. Things will never be the same for her again as she tries to keep herself alive as well as trying to help the local police find the masked man that attacked her sister among many others.

As I love mysteries, this will be another series like my Coffeehouse Mysteries and Haunted Bookshop Mysteries that I will not be able to put down.

Reviews: Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye

DownloadedFileOkay, I found another great author, Victoria Laurie who I like who writes mysteries that I can’t put down. In the book, Abby Cooper. Psychic Eye, Abby is a psychic who ends up being of great help to the local police in solving the crimes. She meets the detective on the case accidentally through an online dating service. This leads him to wonder how she knows so much about a little boy who was kidnapped in a local store or… was he? This is the first of many in its series and I have to say that I have already started the second one. This series reminded me a lot of Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse mysteries. Yes, the main character does find a love interest, yes it was the detective, but there are many more surprises that you will have to read the book to find out. A different mystery book with a different twist that is sure to catch your attention.

The best part is that the author wrote the books with her own career as a clairvoyant and police psychic as her inspiration to create the character. Check out more about her and her books through her website.