Reviews: Cozy Mysteries!

thSo for this week I want to pay contribute to cozy mysteries. I love them the most when it comes to my favorites. Some are a little corky, fun, and serious when they need to be. This week’s theme are mysteries on the sweet side. Syrup, cookies, and chocolate, what else could one want? All from Fresh Fiction with each link to follow. Enjoy!

My first one here is Cookies and Screams. And I thought making cookies were murder free.


th-1Maple Mayhem
Cookies and Screams is another one that I enjoyed. This is also so a sweet mystery but this time in a town known for its maple syrup. It is left up to Dani to find out who is vandalizing the local syrup production.





th-2Michelle has to protect her reputation and that of her chocolates when another shop owner is found dead… with a box of Michelle’s homemade chocolates! Was she poison? Death is Like a Box of Chocolates is one great cozy mystery.


Reviews for March 5th 2015!

I am trying to get back to posting my weekly reviews. I have been so busy reviewing for Fresh Fiction that I have not done the stack for my blog that are beside my bed. So I’ll share the one’s from Fresh Fiction for the next few weeks.

thI’ll start with four from Fresh Fiction that I reviewed last year and the first one is by an author I love. Deadly Forecast is the review of one of my favorite cozy mystery writers Victoria Laurie. Please read my review from this link and let me know what you might think.




th-2Now this next review is on a collection of stories from some of the greatest mystery writer ever in my opinion. Faceoff has such writers as Joseph Finder and R. L. Stine! You might not want to read this book at night. 🙂




th-3Speaking of Joseph Finder, have you read his latest book Suspicion? If not check out the link for my review on the following link. What and awesome writer he is!





th-4So this last book that I will share the review with you is not a mystery but a heartwarming story about a mother and daughter that each fine love where they are not looking for it. Butternut Summer is such a sweet wholesome story.

Next week I’ll have more reviews from Fresh Fiction.

Reviews: The Competition

UnknownIn the novel The Competition written by Marcia Clark, Rachel Knight is a prosecutor who has made the news on other famous cases. Now she with the help of a police detective, Bailey Keller is out to find the shooters of the worse school shooting ever. However, it looks to be two students from the school who had taken their own lives in the school library. Though sometimes things do not look the way they seem. This duo will stop at nothing to get to the bottom once they find out that the two dead students in the library are not the killers.

This novel had so many twist and turns in the storyline that you did not get lost or confused. With Marcia Clark experience in real life with District Court System, her novel was so believable that you will find it scary! My favorite type of novel, full of suspense!

Two More New Reviews

Again this week I have two reviews to share with you that I wrote for Fresh Fiction. They were both great books that I recommend for the summer. Both are new releases and I am glad that I had the chance to read and post my reviews. The two links are below and I hope that you enjoy them as well!

This first novel is Murder She Wrote, Aloha Betrayed by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain and it is my first Murder She Wrote novel that I have read.

The next novel is Murder At Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison, which is a new series for her.

Reviews: Vengeance In Death

UnknownIn The Death Series by J.D. Robb, Vengeance In Death had me in such suspense. In this story, Eve the NY detective in the future of 2058, has to find a murderer who has targeted Roarke’s past friends in Ireland. In the last story we find out a lot about Summerset, Roarke’s butler and how his daughter was murdered at fourteen. Roarke got vengeance himself against those that took her innocent life. Now someone knows about Roarke’s past and people he had trusted are showing up dead in the most horrible ways mimicking the murders that Roarke had done. Who could it be? Will Eve find out before Roarke is the final victim?

Robb’s stories seem to build more making these characters more intriguing while adding some new ones. Maybe it’s me, but I felt there was more humor in this one than what I remember in the few previous novels. I even laughed out loud a few times. So with that in mind, I would say that this one in The Death Series had a great mixture of emotions that kept you from ever being bored. Not that any have ever bored me that she wrote, but this one you can see where her characters have developed more.

This is another great series to start if you haven’t already. I’ll be checking out the others soon.


Reviews: Death Perception

Unknown-1Our favorite psychic, Abby Cooper, is back in Victoria Laurie’s Death Perception along with her FBI boyfriend Dutch! In this novel Dutch’s cousin Chase and another investigator is missing while working under cover himself out in Vegas. So Dutch takes Abby to the sin city hoping her psychic skills will help him find Chase.

This turns out to be a trip of emotional roller coasters for Abby. Dutch is not well and this is obvious but what could be wrong. Abby has visions of Dutch’s tombstone. Then the worse happens and Abby has to call on not only her crew (psychic crew) but her sister Cat and business partner from back home Candice. Dutch warns her to leave if anything goes wrong and something happens to him. Would Abby really do that? So these three women not only try to find three missing men, one being Dutch, but run from the FBI all while in Vegas! Why are they running from the FBI? Shouldn’t they be helping with finding Dutch and the others? You will have to read the book to find out why?

This is the best of this series so far. I did not want it to come to an end. No worries though, because their investigation on some unanswered questions will continue in the novel.

Reviews: Grave Pearl

UnknownSo another Dresden Files had me intrigued again. Grave Pearl written by Jim Butcher is the third one in the series and I had a hard time putting this one down. Yes I know I’m behind. For those like I, who have just started reading this series, this last one has Dresden battling a ghost of someone from a past case of his. I’ll not tell you who, that you will have to read to find out.

Dresden teams up with his buddy Michael in order to save babies, local police, and maybe even some vampires as well! (One thing you thought you would never see him do.) Oh yeah, Susan is back as well. Can he keep her out of harms way? Can he let her know how much he really loves her?

I can’t wait to check out the next one to see what happens in his professional as well as his personal life. Look for future reviews on Dresden!