The Fixer is an all nighter of a read!

the-fixerAfter finishing this Joseph Finder’s novel that was publish back in 2015, I remember why I like his books so much. The novel is THE FIXER. If you are like me and you never got around to reading it, there is no time like the present. Finder is known for suspense and this one is packed full of it. I found myself feeling for the main character, Rick Hoffman many times as he encounters different obstacles. Some are painful that leave you, the reader tensed! I love enjoyable tension like this. This is a five star in my opinion.


Rick Hoffman is dealing with a lot of life’s disappointments from no job, broken relationship, and a father who suffered a stroke that left him in the care of as nursing home for the last twenty years. Rick decides to reconstruct the home he grew up in to prepare it for selling and finds millions of dollars in the walls. How did it get there? Did his father know about it? How can he find out when his father can’t talk? So in his search for answers he unlocks secrets about his father’s past that put him in danger.


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Reviews for March 5th 2015!

I am trying to get back to posting my weekly reviews. I have been so busy reviewing for Fresh Fiction that I have not done the stack for my blog that are beside my bed. So I’ll share the one’s from Fresh Fiction for the next few weeks.

thI’ll start with four from Fresh Fiction that I reviewed last year and the first one is by an author I love. Deadly Forecast is the review of one of my favorite cozy mystery writers Victoria Laurie. Please read my review from this link and let me know what you might think.




th-2Now this next review is on a collection of stories from some of the greatest mystery writer ever in my opinion. Faceoff has such writers as Joseph Finder and R. L. Stine! You might not want to read this book at night. 🙂




th-3Speaking of Joseph Finder, have you read his latest book Suspicion? If not check out the link for my review on the following link. What and awesome writer he is!





th-4So this last book that I will share the review with you is not a mystery but a heartwarming story about a mother and daughter that each fine love where they are not looking for it. Butternut Summer is such a sweet wholesome story.

Next week I’ll have more reviews from Fresh Fiction.

Reviews: Buried Secrets

DownloadedFile-1The sequel to Vanished written by Joseph Finder, Buried Secrets, again takes us on case with Nick Heller to help an old friend find out who kidnapped his teenage daughter before time runs out. You see she was buried alive with a video feed sent to her father threatening him to pay what they are asking before she dies. But who is behind this? And is Nick’s friend, telling him the whole story? What secrets is he hiding? Nick’s friend, a billionaire named Marshall Marcus, is keeping something from him that he needs to know in order to save his daughter.

 During his investigation, he comes across an old flame, Diana Madigan who works for the FBI as a special agent. With her help he uncovers some truth about Marshall that comes close to costing him his daughter. Or maybe it did? Will Nick find out where she is and get there in time? This book kept me full of suspense the closer I would get to finishing it. I couldn’t put it down until it was completed.

 This is a series that I just discovered this summer and I hope Finder writes more about the adventures of Nick Heller as he investigates crimes that will leave you in suspense!

Reviews: Vanished

DownloadedFile-1I just finished another mystery that totally had me shocked all the way through. Vanished written by Joseph Finder was one of those novels. Published in 2009, the storyline is about an investigator Nick Heller whose brother Roger and wife Lauren were attacked one night while on a date. Lauren wakes up in the hospital to find out that her husband is missing. Her son, Gabe calls his Uncle Nick to help find his stepfather.

As Nick investigates his brother’s disappearance, he learns a lot about Roger that surprises him. Even Lauren has her secrets. Who took his brother and why? Nick tries to find out what trouble Roger might have gotten himself into. Was his brother blackmailing someone? Did he stage the whole thing just to run off?

This story is full of suspense. A little graphic for my taste but I still enjoyed it. There are some places where certain tactics are describe in detail such as the torture of a few characters that I tried not to imagine because of my weak stomach. There are not too many and it will not stop me from reading the next book about Nick Heller that Finder has written. This novel did surprise me all the way to the end.

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