The Fixer is an all nighter of a read!

the-fixerAfter finishing this Joseph Finder’s novel that was publish back in 2015, I remember why I like his books so much. The novel is THE FIXER. If you are like me and you never got around to reading it, there is no time like the present. Finder is known for suspense and this one is packed full of it. I found myself feeling for the main character, Rick Hoffman many times as he encounters different obstacles. Some are painful that leave you, the reader tensed! I love enjoyable tension like this. This is a five star in my opinion.


Rick Hoffman is dealing with a lot of life’s disappointments from no job, broken relationship, and a father who suffered a stroke that left him in the care of as nursing home for the last twenty years. Rick decides to reconstruct the home he grew up in to prepare it for selling and finds millions of dollars in the walls. How did it get there? Did his father know about it? How can he find out when his father can’t talk? So in his search for answers he unlocks secrets about his father’s past that put him in danger.


Interested in this novel as your next read? Check out more about THE FIXER by Joseph Finder from the following link.


Reviews: Someday, Someday, Maybe

DownloadedFileThis week I just finished reading Someday, Someday, Maybe written by one of my favorite actresses Lauren Graham. If you loved the series Gilmore Girls then you know Lauren Graham who played the mom.

Graham’s first novel is about something I am sure she knows plenty about. The main character, Franny Banks is a young woman living in New York trying to become a successful actress. She has two roommates, Jane and Dan who are very supportive. At her acting class showcase she catches the eye of two different agencies. One gets her a job on a new movie but she is not sure she wants to compromise the wardrobe. Then the agency itself falls apart and the manager only takes his top person, which leaves Franny out. The other agency leaves her wondering if he is the real deal.

This novel has humor that you can only see from Graham. As I read this book I couldn’t help but think about her as the main character. She writes about what she knows which makes this story so believable. Graham even includes Franny’s date-book entries through out each chapter giving you the visuals of Franny’s thoughts that adds to the novel. Along with the humor, there is also romance that does not end the way one would have expected, but leaving you to use your imagination.

Bravo for Graham on this first novel with her exciting characters and a story line full of energy. I am waiting for her next novel in hopes that she does write more.

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