Reviews: Ashoan’s Rug

UnknownToday I just finished reading a wonderful short story by Carrie Jane Knowles, a local author here in North Carolina. This is not the first book of hers I have read and I love her style of writing. In Ashoan’s Rug, Knowles took an object, a rug, and showed how it meant so much to the many lives it touched through the years. How many times have we walked through flea markets or antique shops and have seen something that might have been hand made and thought “what is the story behind this?”

Ashoan is asked by her mother to weave a rug for herself. Her mother had dreamed up the design that she should add to her rug. This was going to be the story of her future and the troubles that she will bear. Ashoan was born with a red birthmark that covered half of one side of her face. Her mother knew that any man that married her would not truly love her and her sweet, kind heart. This magic rug that was inspired from Ashoan’s mother’s dreams traveled from home to home meaning something different to each person who owned it. Many prayed on it and it wore the tears and burdens of those that felt its magic.

I highly recommend that you pick up Ashoan’s Rug as you will not be disappointed in this delightful short story. It will be one to cherish for years!


Reviews: Apricots In A Turkish Garden

04e43a_fe6e083f8e7a4150b48f5395bd8b9475-jpg_srz_257_400_75_22_0-50_1-20_0-00_jpg_srz2Here is a local writer here in North Carolina who has written a collection of short stories that you are bound to at least say you know one person like the colorful characters that she has developed. Beautifully written, Apricots In A Turkish Garden by Carrie Jane Knowles has tales that will catch your attention with endings that will leave you in the state of wonder. It is like each one has a secret message about life. Most of the stories take place in the location of Raleigh with the southern touch that makes you think of the tales that grandma would tell you about those that use to live down the street or around the corner. This is a collection that you will definitely want to read in a cozy little chair by the fire with your warm cup of tea.!carrie-jane-knowles/cfal

Reviews: Lillian’s Garden

DownloadedFileLillian’s Garden written by Carrie Jane Knowles was a book that I really enjoyed reading. I highly recommend it. Filled with interesting characters that make you wonder if anyone has a perfect or normal life. The main character, Helen has many hopes and dreams for herself and her family. She visualizes herself in different situations or making certain changes that leave her wondering about what if. An easy read to follow after you meet her and her family as well as the people that live and go to church in this little town.  You will smile, and cry during this novel that teaches us about loving, understanding, and accepting life for what it is. The release date for this book is April 26, 2013. Check her link below to pre-order.