Reviews: Cobalt Blue

thI love to read novels from local authors especially when the setting is here in North Carolina because each one has a different message and shows the colorful personalities of our state. This review is from Peggy Payne’s Cobalt Blue. A beautifully written novel about an artist who has a kundalini experience that at first took her off guard. This is a novel like none I have ever read before.

The main character, Andie has been asked to paint a portrait of a local senator and as if life could not be any more confusing she starts to experience sexual feelings regardless of where she is at and what she is doing. Her shocking impulses takes her on adventures, as I would call them, and she finds herself in situations that she would not normally be in. This novel has some spiritual enlightening for Andie as well as her erotic fanticies.

If you haven’t read Cobalt Blue by Peggy Payne, you must!

If you would like to learn more about some of her other books please check her link below.


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