UnknownI have always been a fan of the TV series The Gilmore Girls. Therefore when I saw The Gilmore Girl’s Companion written by A.S. Berman and forward by Edward Herrmann, off the Amazon website, I had to have it. If you want behind the scenes info, then this book is full of trivia from the hit TV show that aired for seven seasons. Filled with scripts from different episodes, it took me back to some of those conversations between Lorelai and Rory as well as with other characters that kept me entertained. Secrets from how the show began to how each character was developed might surprise you at times. It breaks up each season with the tidbits on the actors, ideas behind seasons and decisions such as what food they will eat during scenes. Hint: Lauren Graham would ask for small tomatoes because they were easy to eat before saying her next line. One of the great things about this book is that it even gives you a map of Stars Hollow in the beginning. If you know a fan of this long time loved series, you might want to order this book for her. It’s a must for any fan!


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