Reviews: The Cellar


Here is another guest post from my daughter, Amber.

So as most you know I was in a really bad car accident in March. I suffered a concussion, which affected my love for reading. Normally I read the romance novels but I just couldn’t get into them. So one day at Barnes and Noble I sat in the aisle reading the first few pages of books that looked interesting. Before I knew it I had read the first chapter of this book by Natasha Preston called The Cellar. I couldn’t put it down. Needless to say I read it in a day.

Summer was getting ready to enjoy her summer break from school. Little did she know she was about to end up in a nightmare. Trapped in a cellar with three other girls she has to force herself to adapt without losing who she really is inside. Her family and friends try to pick up the pieces to discover what has happened to her.

Clover wants the perfect family. And he will do anything to protect it. Who is Clover, you say? Always looking for love and acceptance he struggles with his dead mothers criticisms. Rose, Poppy, Violet, and Lily fight for survival and understanding of their captor.

I loved this book because you didn’t get just one point of view. Preston switched from Summer’s point of view to Clovers and Lewis’ (Summers boyfriend). It kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Were the girls going to survive? Would they be found? If you love suspense this book is wonderful.


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