Reviews: The Treatment

UnknownAs I promised, I have the review on The Treatment written by Suzanne Young. This is the next book to The Program and the story continues. Warning: If you have not finished or started The Program, you may want to wait. Spoilers!!!!

Just as suspenseful as the first, Sloane and James are on the run from the Program. This is a program made to help save our American teens from suicide and in the Government’s mind, make them healthy and not infected of the sickness. What they actually do is erase most of one’s memories that they feel will make them sick. You do not come back as yourself. You do not even remember how you were and who were your friends.

Sloane and James have already been through the Program once. However, like many others, their memories are slowing coming back. They have found each other once again and remember some of what they had between each other. However, there are many blank spots in their memories that they try to fill in. They are on the run with the rebels, who are a group of those that are against the Program and know about the devastation it leaves behind.

Through connections within the Program, Sloane and her friends get inside information that keeps them on the run hiding the Treatment, which is a pill that a Dr. Evelyn Valentine had developed that can give one back their memory. She develops this after she realizes the damage that is done from the Government. The Program wants to find this one last pill and destroy it before the Program is compromised and destroyed its self. At least that is what Sloane and her friends are told. But is someone out to just destroy them as well? Who can they trust? Can Sloane and James trust their friends, or each other?

If you love the first one, then you must read this next one. Suzanne Young did a great job with this novel that young adults, as well as, the older ones will love. Again, I finished this book in no time because I could hardly put it down. I feel a future movie here? I could see it!




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