Reviews: If I Stay

UnknownHere is another great book for young adults that has been out for a while. If I Stay written by Gayle Forman is about a girl, Mia, who has the best in life. She has a wonderful boyfriend that she shares the same interest in music. She plays the cello and he is in a rock band. They are happy. Her family is the greatest with her mom, dad, and little brother. She has plans and dreams like most girls her age but her dreams look as though they may be coming true. Then one day a tragedy changes her life as she knows it and she will have to make a choice.

A beautiful story about life and death and what would you choose if you knew staying would mean losing almost everything dear to you. As Mia’s story is being told, there are flashbacks of important events in her life that leads up to now. Will she let go and be with her family and not feel the pain of losing them? Or will she stay to finish the life that she had but now painfully missing them and carrying on? If you had to choose whether to stay or not what would you choose? This book will leave you pondering those questions.

Check out the link for a trailer of the upcoming movie based on the book in August.



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