Reviews: What Alice Forgot

UnknownImagine that you wake up on the floor somewhere and you think to yourself, “Why am I here at this place?” and then you find out that you lost ten years of your memory!!! You find that in ten years you have become someone that you didn’t think you would ever be! In the novel, What Alice Forgot, written by Liane Moriarty, that is what happened to Alice.

In her case, the last ten years she has turned into someone that family, friends, and even her husband feels distant from. She has become a cold, unreasonable person. Alice does not realize this when she wakes up on a gym floor after a Spin Class. To her surprise she is even a thin, well-dressed, put together mom. Mom! The last thing she remembers is being pregnant with her first child and her and her husband Nick are renovating the house that they just bought. Their three children are school age now. The worst of it is that while she is taken to the hospital she is begging everyone to call Nick and let him know that she fell and hit her head. What she doesn’t know is that her and Nick are getting a divorce. She is devastated over this news. Hey, in her head it was ten years ago, the year 1998 and they were madly in love expecting their first!

Their marriage breakup has been from miscommunications and other factors to even a mysterious friend of Alice’s named Gina that she cannot remember. How does Gina factor in? She starts wondering things from an affair between Nick and Gina to an affair between her and Gina! Alice tries to piece memories together as well as her marriage. She is not ready to give up.

As this novel might sound like a nightmare to most of us, it is a very entertaining story that Moriarty has written. I found myself giggling out loud at times and yes I did cry at others. However, I will say the end left me satisfied with the decisions that Alice made.

This is also one of those novels that I felt, maybe if we could all forget a few years of our lives and only remember happier times could we make different decisions? This book is also about second chances. Sometimes we may not lose the love we have, but it just gets clouded by life.

See these links about the author’s thoughts on the movie. Yes, the movie in works for What Alice Forgot!!! I’m so excited!


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