Review: The Program

Unknown-1This past week I read The Program, written by Suzanne Young and it left me with chills and wanting to read the next one soon. In The Program, Sloane, and her boyfriend, James are both trying to stay out of the Program. What is the Program you ask? All the adults know of it as a good thing, a way to keep America’s teenagers safe from suicide. Don’t show any emotions and you will be all right. A great imagination is what Young has to come up with this great idea for a story. The minute I started reading it I could not put it down. It has been a while that I put my life on hold for a complete day! Trust me, YOU WILL NOT PUT THIS DOWN!

Sloane’s parents worry about her. They have lost their son to suicide and he was not the first in their town. There is an epidemic of students taking their lives. Sloane must not cry or look as though she is falling apart. The pamphlet for The Program sits on her family’s counter as a threat to her. You see the Program is not a good thing when once you go in you come out changed. No memory of your friends or your life before other than happy memories with families. To every teen this is a nightmare! Who would want to go in and be hollowed out with no thoughts of previous friends and relationships? Isn’t pain supposed to be part of growing up and becoming who we are?

James promises to protect her and lets her cry in front of him. He is the only one that can see her release her pain. He understands. Until their friend, Miller loses it one day when his girlfriend comes back from six weeks in the Program and doesn’t remember him. James can no longer hold his own hurt in and the handlers are watching Sloane. Waiting for her to breakdown so she will be their next big save!

I loved this storyline even though I found it scary. After reading it you almost forget its fiction and you stop to see if someone is watching how you react to sad situations. Warning!!! Do not read it in public. If they see you get emotional, handlers in white coats will come for you. Then you will never be the same again.

Book two, The Treatment comes out April 29th and the story will continue. Look for that review coming soon.






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