Reviews: Titanic, Love Stories



images-1It is coming up on that time again. The anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking. I always find a book to read either fiction or non-fiction dealing with this tragic event. This time I have just finished Titanic, Love Stories written by Gill Paul. It tells the story of 13 honeymoon couples that were aboard the Titanic on it’s maiden and final voyage. Most were first class passengers but there were a few second and third class as well who wanted to start their lives together traveling to America. These couples were going to start new lives together with family plans and some even with jobs waiting for them.

A handful of these couples survived, some just the wives. Then there were very few where both wife and husband made it to America by being rescued. Though then men that did survive had to deal with being chastised since so many children and women have lost their lives. After this horrible ordeal, those that survived had their lives changed forever. This left great stress on them trying to deal with the aftermath. Whether they lived happily after that or parted ways, one could say that they all had a bond that no one else could understand.

If you like reading about the Titanic and events that lead up to, during and after, then you might like this book as well.



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