Surviving When One Shouldn’t

This week I do not have a book review to talk about. That’s because this week I did not read a book. Exactly a week ago from today, my daughter and her two friends survived a wreck that they were told they shouldn’t have. The state trooper that came to the scene said he didn’t expect to take anyone’s statement. They were in a Toyota Camry and was T-boned on the driver’s side. My daughter was in the front passenger seat. The car was then knocked into a power pole breaking it into three pieces. The only thing that kept that pole from falling on them was the electric wires that held it up.

So this week instead of reading, I took care of my daughter when she came home. She will be in a neck brace for a while and out of work but she is alive. I have had time to feel blessed that her and her friends’ lives had been spared. There were many that were praying for her and she will go back to the doctor in a few weeks for more x-rays. She is young and healthy so I know she will be fine.

get-attachment.aspxAs I pondered with my feelings this week I thought about the “what if’s” like most moms. They helped to remind me how blessed we were. I thought about how on this past Monday will be six years since her father’s passing, and how I felt that he was her Guardian Angel. Maybe that’s why she felt some peace shortly after she came to and realized that they were being rescued.  She just waited for the firefighters to cut the roof off the car to get her out. All those normal thoughts that one has, kept me realizing that the most important thing right now is that she is okay, and will be okay.

So I will pick up tonight, another novel to read. Next week I hope to be back to some normalcy. Until then, be safe. 🙂


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