Reviews: Death Perception

Unknown-1Our favorite psychic, Abby Cooper, is back in Victoria Laurie’s Death Perception along with her FBI boyfriend Dutch! In this novel Dutch’s cousin Chase and another investigator is missing while working under cover himself out in Vegas. So Dutch takes Abby to the sin city hoping her psychic skills will help him find Chase.

This turns out to be a trip of emotional roller coasters for Abby. Dutch is not well and this is obvious but what could be wrong. Abby has visions of Dutch’s tombstone. Then the worse happens and Abby has to call on not only her crew (psychic crew) but her sister Cat and business partner from back home Candice. Dutch warns her to leave if anything goes wrong and something happens to him. Would Abby really do that? So these three women not only try to find three missing men, one being Dutch, but run from the FBI all while in Vegas! Why are they running from the FBI? Shouldn’t they be helping with finding Dutch and the others? You will have to read the book to find out why?

This is the best of this series so far. I did not want it to come to an end. No worries though, because their investigation on some unanswered questions will continue in the novel.


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