Reviews: Wicked Business

DownloadedFileThey’re back! Lizzy, Diesel, Carl the monkey, and Cat 7143 in Janet Evanovich’s second book in the Wicked series, Wicked Business. It has all the same humor as the first but this time they search for the stone of lust while Diesel and Lizzy battle their own personal issues with the topic (lust). These two with special abilities cannot act on their desires for each other because one of them will lose their abilities. Not knowing which one, Lizzy knows that Diesel’s special powers are way stronger than hers, and besides, they both need them to finish their job finding all seven sinful stones known as the SALIGIA Stones. Read this novel to find out where the search for this stone will take the two unmentionables.

I personally love this corky spin of a mystery and romance. It is not a serious book but one that keeps me in giggles through out each chapter. This is the first series I have read from Janet Evanovich and have heard mixed reviews on her novels. Any opinions? Are there any of her others that you would suggest?


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