Reviews: Positivity, Top-Notch Research Reveals the 3-to-1 Ratio That Will Change Your Life

imagesWould you have ever thought that positivity creates creativity? That is one of the benefits outlined in Barbara L. Fredrickson, PhD’s book Positivity, Top-Notch Research Reveals the 3-to-1 Ratio That Will Change Your Life. After reading her book there were some surprisingly and non-surprisingly points that were made. We look at positivity wrong, we basically think that if we work longer, follow diets, etc. we can gain happiness, which will give us a positive attitude. Not true. Actually having the positive attitude and doing things such as,  valuing family time instead over working the long hours which we think will make us lots of money, and eating a smaller portion instead of just dieting.

In a study, people that use meditation help to increase their positive attitude. All of this decreases depression and other negative emotions therefore living a happier healthier life. It has been proven that people grow psychologically when they increase positivity in their lives. Given yourself more confidence in everyday job tasks or just in every aspect of your life. This sounds like a secret to happiness. Another plus to having positivity is that you are physically healthier too. The studies showed that physical elements that one would have improved over time when they learned to relax and stay in a positive frame of mind.

There is even a section in the book along with a website for the reader to check out that helps you to rate yourself to see what your ratio of positivity is. This way you are able to monitor it through out the day.

So if you are one who needs a little positivity in your life then pick up Fredrickson’s book and start living by her principals.


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