Reviews: Wicked Appetite

DownloadedFileWicked Appetite written by Janet Evanovich had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. This novel was full of humor, and a deliciously appealing man who made his way in the life of Lizzy who thinks of herself as a normal girl. Once Diesel shows up, Lizzy realizes that she is an Unmentionable who has power to help him find the stone of gluttony before it falls in the wrong hands. Not only does Lizzy pick up Diesel but she homes a cat named Cat 7143, and Carl, a monkey, who adds to her now crazy abnormal life. This is only part of the humor in this story.

This is one of these novels you might not want to read at Starbucks but maybe in the quiet of your own home in case you find yourself laughing out loud. (Trust me. Then you have to stop to explain yourself to everyone around.) I enjoyed it because it was a fun book to read and was suggested by a friend. Definitely not one of those serious books but one that you find yourself not able to wait to get home and finish reading. I’m sure there will be more adventures with Diesel and Lizzy since there are 6 more stones of sins. Pick this book up and add some wicked appetite to your life. 

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