Reviews: Death of a Chimney Sweep

DownloadedFileDeath of a Chimney Sweep, A Hamish Macbeth Mystery written by M.C. Beaton was another good book to read. This one is my first from this author. I like the idea of it being a storyline set in Scotland. Occasionally I like to read books from other countries such as Ireland and Scotland. Reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes that I read when I was younger.

In this mystery, Hamish Macbeth, the Police Constable, was called to look into blood coming from a fireplace of one the homes in the village. The poor woman who lived there with her husband, who went out for a walk, thought it might be the chimney sweep who she just left to clean her chimney. When she came back to find, in horror, blood dripping from inside the chimney!

What happened to the chimney sweep? Was it indeed his body or someone else’?

One would have to read to find out.



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