Reviews: Billionaire Blend

DownloadedFileThis New Years Eve I wanted to write my post on one of my favorite authors, Cleo Coyle!!!

I missed my old friends at the Village Blend!!! Picking up Billionaire Blend is like revisiting with the ones I love. Never has a book series made me feel like I’m a friend with the characters. The Coffeehouse Mysteries are far better than any TV series that I have been addicted to. Cleo’s writing leaves you feeling that you are there, smelling the coffee, feeling the coldness of the January weather, as well as sharing the characters’ emotions during the suspense.  I felt Clare’s fears as she looked at her damaged Coffeehouse that just took a blow from a bomb.

This time Clare meets a billionaire who just happens to stop by her coffee shop and quizzes her baristas on different recipes of different drinks. What she thinks he is up to turns out to be something totally different. Her new friendship with Eric Thorner the founder and CEO of THORN, INC. takes her to a world you only read about. However, we know what is on Clare’s mind. Getting to the bottom of who tried to blow up Thorner and why. Clare does get the help from her boyfriend, a NYPD detective, Mike Quinn and his connections.

You also have the other lively characters that Clare always try to solve the problems of such as her daughter Joy and her boyfriend police officer, Emmanuel Franco. I love it when Coyle brings everyone back to help out in her adventures to solve a case from her baristas to her fascinating ex mother-in-law as well as her ex husband and business partner Matt Allegro. Who are these people you ask? If you have not picked up this series, The Coffeehouse Mysteries then you need to start with the first in the series, On What Grounds, and I promise you will you will enjoy it. I cannot wait for the next adventure at the Village Blend! Oh, and the best part is that each book has recipes at the end from some of Clare’s great dishes that are mentioned throughout the book.

P.S. I love the Fifty Shades reference! To those who are wondering, no this is not that kind of novel.

Cleo Coyle is an author duo, husband and wife Alice Alfonsin and Marc Cerasini who writes the Coffeehouse Mysteries with this one being the thirteenth in the series.

There’s a reason why this author duo team is New York Times bestselling author. To learn more about them checkout their website and signup for their newsletter.


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