Reviews: The Fifth Assassin

DownloadedFileHere is the next review I promised you about Brad Meltzer’s next novel, The Fifth Assassin!  This is the sequel to The Inner Circle. Remember Beecher White who works in the National Archives for the U.S. Government? He is back helping his friend Tot and the others in the Culper Ring in trying to figure out who is behind the many copycat assassinations. Each one copies an assassination on a President from the past. As Beecher gets close to putting clues together friends from his past reappear. Clementine from the first novel shows up with secrets about their fathers’ past in the military. Was everything Beecher was told as a child a lie? How does this fit in with the murders that are appearing in places of worship? What secrets is his old pal Marshall hiding?

I was hooked on this second novel with Beecher White. Much different than the first in ways where the main character is outside his place of work for the majority of the book. He has grown with confidence and trusts his gut feelings. But is that always the smart thing for him to do? Beecher might have ended up over his head in this one. Read it for yourself to see if our hero from before sells out in what he believes in or fights protecting it.

Again, I love how Meltzer adds a lot history, facts, and some fiction in a story with suspense like this. Unlike some of the reviews I read, (which I try not to do before reading a book myself.) I thought Meltzer’s writing and story line was great. I personally cannot wait for the third one!!!


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