Reviews: Jan Brett’s Books

DownloadedFile-1This week instead of reviewing one book, I decide to talk about one children’s author, Jan Brett. When I think of winter and Christmas stories that I can read to my class I think of this author. Each book has colorful illustrations that help tell the story. What is unique about the illustrations is that on the outside border of each page the pictures that are there tell their own part of the story. For example in the book Gingerbread Baby, as the pictures on most pages show the Gingerbread Baby running from all the other characters, the pictures on the outside of each page showed the little boy Matti making another gingerbread item that turns out to the a Gingerbread house.  This is what makes it a Jan Brett book.

There are some of my favorites like Gingerbread Baby, The Snow Bears, The Christmas Trolls, other classics like The Wild Christmas Reindeer.  What are some of your favorite Jan Brett books? Or do you have another favorite children’s author that you would like to share?


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