Reviews: Santa Claus

Santa ClauseThere are so many different Christmas books out there about Santa Claus, but there is only one that I found that explains everything and gives the how and why to almost every question one can think of. That magical book is called Santa Claus written by Rod Green.

 It starts out with an envelope attached to the front cover. Open it up and you will find a Christmas card from Santa. Throughout the book there are pull and lift flaps that are interactive for children. Even some artifacts are hidden in pockets as you explore its many pages. His map is tucked away in one of the pages showing the route that the man in red takes once a year delivering the gifts. Every page is full of colorful pictures of the North Pole and Santa’s shop along with information. Even though this is a fictional book written for the enjoyment of children that believe, there are also facts about the North Pole, Artic animals, the Aurora Borealis, and even a recipe for Mrs. Claus’ cookies.

 Have you wondered about each reindeer’s personality? Did you know that Donner and Blitzen’s names are German words with meanings that fit them? Santa Claus’ name has history as well. Even Santa’s sleigh has specifications that have not been explained in any other book.

 If you are looking for another magical book for Christmas to read to your children, then I think this book would be great. I have personally shared it with my students before and for those that still believe, they loved having their questions answered. So curl up with some hot coco, explore this book with your little ones, and watch the magic in their eyes as you read about Santa’s history as well as his secrets.


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