Reviews: The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Collection

DownloadedFileWhen I was much younger, I use to love Sherlock Holmes. That is why I decided to read The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Collection by Dr. John Watson. It is not a novel but instead a book of puzzles. It is filled with mind-boggling puzzles and riddles. It makes for a fun time with family or friends. I love these because they make you think outside of the box. Therefore the answer is never what you think… Holmes giving Watson a twister of a thought presents each one, and then he asks a question that leaves you quiet for a minute or two leaving you contemplating your answer.

For example;

Holmes asks Watson the following,

“ There is something you own that is yours, and always has been. Despite this, all your friends use it, whilst you yourself rarely get to make use of it at all. What am I talking about?”

With Christmas coming up, this would make a great book for those on your list who love mind puzzles. I keep it on the table by my bed myself and try one a day. I haven’t answered one right yet.

Let me know what you guys think of these mind-boggling riddles!



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