Thanksgiving Memories

So this week’s blog I wanted to write a review on something that went with the holiday. In doing that it brought back memories of those we love and care about and the Thanksgivings that we shared with those individuals. So this review is more than that. It is my thoughts on those that I remember.

I will start with my dear friend, Alice J. Wisler who put together this cookbook with the help of others who lost a love one. It is a collection of their favorite recipes. Each recipe has a story about that person who is missed during days like today. Memories Around the Table: Treasure Recipes is a recipe book that you can use anytime. This is Wisler’s third cookbook with tributes and stories. What I love about this is reading about those that I have never met but their lives can touch me. Who could cook one of these dishes and not think of them as you do so?

Alice was inspired to publish her cookbooks after the lost of her son Daniel.  At the age of three he was diagnosed with cancer. He died months later at the age of four. Slices of Sunlight, A Cookbook of Memories: Remembrances of the Children We Held, and Down the Cereal Aisle: A Basket of Recipes and Remembrances are her first two cookbooks. They were tributes to the children that were lost at such young ages like Daniel.

I missed the opportunity to include a recipe on this last one since it was a tribute to all ages. I think of my children’s dad Mike, on Thanksgiving as well as other holidays.  He always cooked the turkey and to this day I still follow his simple recipe to make the juiciest, tender turkey ever. (Wait for Alice’s next one to find out the recipe. I’m sure one day there will be another.)

As I end this post, I will always think about others that I have spent Thanksgiving with. Mike’s uncle, Clem Rowland loved to cook. I remember the last Thanksgiving we spent with him and his wife Jean along with Mike’s grandparents who also are no longer with us. Clem would watch these cooking shows while we were there and had some great dishes himself that he would throw together. When I say throw together I mean it. There was one day he had a dish that was yummy and when I asked what it was called he said it was a bunch of leftovers he threw together. Trust me no one would have ever known.

Then there is another Daniel that passed away to soon. He was the co-worker of my daughter. Daniel Barwell spent his last Thanksgiving with us two years ago. Two days later he was gone. He led us all to believe that he was moving and I guess he didn’t think we would ever find out the truth. We knew he was down and depressed from some personal matters. He, like Mike, took away out of this world to avoid suffering any longer. Since that year I have always had an open door policy for the Starbucks employees that my daughter works with.  My door is open any Thanksgiving where they need a family to spend it with.

This year I am thankful for knowing all who were mentioned and many more family and friends who are still in my life today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you would like to order Alice’s latest cookbook or any of her novels that I have reviewed in months past please contact her at the websites below.


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