Reviews: Here’s The Deal, Don’t Touch Me, By Howie Mandel

DownloadedFile-1Have you ever read a book about a person and thought hey, I know someone just like him or her? After reading Here’s The Deal, Don’t Touch Me, by Howie Mandel with Josh Young, yes The Howie Mandel, host of Deal or No Deal, I, myself, felt like I was reading about an older version of my own son. That is because like my son, Howie Mandel has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and ADHD. The introduction itself reminded me of painful situations that my own son, Jordan now 20, has faced growing up. Believe me when I tell you that if you do not understand how a brain works with OCD then you find it hard to understand how a person with this thinks the way they do. It takes great amounts of patience and understanding to go through every day living with a loved one who suffers, yes, suffers through this condition. Then to put ADHD on top of it makes it a double whammy.

In Mandel’s book he talks about not only his struggles, but also his great fortune to fame and how it basically fell into his lap. A lot of things went right for him from the beginning and was lucky to have the people in his life that he had. He also talked a lot about his family and how his compulsive actions would sometimes affect them and his close friends. Being the comedian that he is, he would at times make impulsive moves or pranks on those that he cared about without thinking of the consequences until it was too late. Ouch, the friendships that he hurt. Though, on the bright side he has taken his struggles and learned to live with them and they have not stopped him from being the success that he is. Mandel even talks about his heart condition that he was also diagnosed with while writing this book. It was published in 2009, so you can see that he overcame that a well.

I found his book very encouraging for anyone who has a love one with OCD or is suffering from it him or herself. One can learn to live with it without it totally taking over your whole life. Like with any other diagnoses, you have to learn to adapt and use it towards your advantage. This was a great book and very inspiring.


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