Reviews: Hitchhiking with Larry David

DownloadedFileMartha’s Vineyard is a place that I have not been to myself. However, after reading this book, it is a place I would like to go to just once. Hitchhiking with Larry David written by Paul Samuel Dolman not only made you feel like you were there with him catching rides with strangers but you felt like his memories were your memories. Okay, I have never experienced the thrill of hitchhiking but Dolman made it seem such a safe and easy thing to do.  Of course we know not in all parts of the world would this be true.

Dolman visits Martha’s Vineyard frequently since his parents have a place there. This book is about the experience of one summer when Dolman had just gone through a hurtful breakup with his girlfriend that he calls the “Miracle”. He spends it on the beautiful island meeting people such as Larry David. Now Dolman has never seen Seinfeld himself and has spent this whole summer running into Larry David in the oddest of places. “That just doesn’t happen,” and “This is crazy,” exclaims everyone who hears the story as well as David himself.  After years of visiting the island, this is the first experience of this kind for him.

I absolutely loved reading about his adventures of this one summer. Reading it here in October almost made me forget that fall has approached. He takes you into his memories, his heartaches, as well as his laughter and you feel his emotions. Even though he gets deep at times, there is more laughter than sadness. (He goes deep with his relationship with his dad.) I recommend this book if you are looking for an easy read filled with humor. Yes, this book is not all serious but has plenty of humor.


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