Picking the Right Book to Read.

So this week, instead of a review, (I hope you are not disappointed.) I decided that I will write my thoughts on how I choose a book. I had thought about a blog about the actual steps one might go through and their thinking process. For me, I look at the cover first. Yes, I know you cannot tell a book by its cover, however come on. You have to agree! A catchy cover catches the eye. Then I usually look at the title. Maybe the author. Most of the time when I find an author that I like I try to read more of what they wrote. My favorite authors are Patrick Taylor, Cleo Coyle, and my dear friend Alice Wisler, to name a few. So if I have a favorite author, then I will read anything that they have written.

When we look for a book we look for what we like such as suspense, mystery, romance. I love all three of these. However I have tried something different here and there like the book I am reading this week, (Sorry that review will be next week.) and really enjoy them as well.  I must say that if I ever start a book and I do not like it, then I will stop reading. That brings me to the next thing I check out in a book before I get it. I read the first few pages, or the description on the back or inside cover. Once in a while I will pick up a book out of curiosity. (Again like the one I am reading now.) I will walk through the library and just see what is in the new section and something will catch my eye. At times a friend will suggest a book or I will see an article in a magazine about one that I might want to read. Though I am careful not to read other’s reviews too much because I do not want it to influence what I might think. What if I try to read the first few pages and I find that it does not catch my attention you ask? Then I do not read it. This is why you see positive reviews on every book I post about. I personally would not want to give a negative view on a book that I did not like because everyone has an opinion. With that in mind I do not want to say unpleasant words about someone else’s hard work. So checking out the first few pages will tell me fast if I’ll want to continue or not.

So how about you? How do you choose a book? What do you look for? As of now I do have a list of books waiting for me to pick up. However, I would any suggestions that you might have. A book that you adored or love. Share it with me. I am always looking for a great novel to escape into.

Teresa 🙂


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