Reviews: Want To Go Private?

images-1This week is another guest blog from my daughter, Amber Cross.

As we all know the Internet is a very dangerous place. From all the social media sites to instant messaging danger lurks in every corner. People go missing everyday (especially teenagers) from meeting people online. They feed on your insecurities and manipulate you from a computer screen. You’re probably thinking, “Oh this won’t ever happen to me”. If you’re not careful (even when you are too) it can.

From the book, Want To Go Private? written by Sarah Darer Littman,  Abigail is like any other teenage girl. She’s constantly hanging out with her best friend Faith or busy instant messaging her friends. Faith and Abigail begin using a social media site called It’s one of those sites that you can create your own avatar and live in this alternate world. In the middle of her conversation with Faith this guy decides to join in. He seems pretty cool. One day Abigail ends up missing. Was she kidnapped? Did she go freely? What happened?

This book was an eye opener for Internet safety and making sure you really know who is behind that screen. Anyone can be anything online. When using the Internet do some research on Internet safety to keep you and your loved ones safe.


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