Reviews: Ghost Stories of North Carolina

imagesAs a North Carolinian I have always been curious about some of the ghost stories that I have heard that are related to my state. In the book, Ghost Stories of North Carolina, by Edrick Thay you get the most famous ones that have been told throughout the years. Some of these places I have been to myself and only one I have experienced something when I was there with my daughter. This was the Historic Stagville and at the time I did not even know that it was considered haunted.

A few of the other places I have been to that were mentioned in the book, upon visiting I would ask about a haunting and most people, like at Stagville will not admit to it. However in the book there were many interviews with people that work at the places where there were sightings and other unexplained activities. A few other places mentioned in the book were The Biltmore Estate, Mordecai Manor, The USS North Carolina, and The Devil’s Tramping Ground!

With the fall coming up I think this is a great time to check out this book. If you love to read about ghost and legends then this is a book you will enjoy. Don’t just read it but also visit some of these places. BE WARNED!!! If you read it, don’t read it in the dark!!!


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