Reviews: Neon Angel, A Memoir of a Runaway

DownloadedFileIf you are old enough to know and remember Joan Jett then you know the Runaways, her first band along with Cherie Currie who was the lead singer. This week’s review is on Neon Angel, A Memoir of a Runaway written about and by Cherie Currie. This is one book that I have read a few years ago. Being a big fan of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ music I had to read it especially after finding out they were making a movie based on it.

I have always found it inspiring to read about the life of others who had a dream and at some point in their life they were able to accomplish that dream. Of course, Cherie’s life was not one of glamour. There were many ups and downs, battles with alcohol and drugs as one would figure considering her age with the fame. Not all was bad though. It was interesting to read about how the Runaways became a band from Cherie’s audition and all of their challenges. I love reading stories of someone’s life and finding at the end that things turn out well and they have a happy ending.

Cherie went through a lot and some of the losses probably made her a stronger person. I mean what kind of woman goes through what she has and still comes out at the end as a chain saw carver? 🙂

Awesome memoir!


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