Reviews: The Shack

DownloadedFile-1This week’s novel is one that I read many years ago. It is also one that I read many times as well. WM. Paul Young wrote The Shack, a novel about one man’s relationship with God and how he dealt with a difficult tragedy in his life.

It starts out with the main character Mackenzie receiving a letter from Papa, his and his wife’s name for God, in the their mailbox asking to see him. At first Mack thinks it is a joke that someone is playing on him. Papa wanted Mack to meet him at the Shack. The Shack is a place where Mack lost his youngest daughter by the hands of a child abductor. Her body was never found but her clothes and blood was there. Why would God want Mack to go back to a place of such torture? Why would He want Mack to be reminded of such a horrible time of his life and the great loss that he has had ever since?

This story brings to the reader the reality of how precious life is. Mack knows this as much as anyone, but now he has to have forgiveness for his daughter’s killer as well as others in his past. How can one forgive such an act of horror? How could God expect that from him? This is really one of those stories that sticks with you for a while. I personally have read it when I needed to be reminded of God’s grace and love for us.


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