Reviews: Buried Secrets

DownloadedFile-1The sequel to Vanished written by Joseph Finder, Buried Secrets, again takes us on case with Nick Heller to help an old friend find out who kidnapped his teenage daughter before time runs out. You see she was buried alive with a video feed sent to her father threatening him to pay what they are asking before she dies. But who is behind this? And is Nick’s friend, telling him the whole story? What secrets is he hiding? Nick’s friend, a billionaire named Marshall Marcus, is keeping something from him that he needs to know in order to save his daughter.

 During his investigation, he comes across an old flame, Diana Madigan who works for the FBI as a special agent. With her help he uncovers some truth about Marshall that comes close to costing him his daughter. Or maybe it did? Will Nick find out where she is and get there in time? This book kept me full of suspense the closer I would get to finishing it. I couldn’t put it down until it was completed.

 This is a series that I just discovered this summer and I hope Finder writes more about the adventures of Nick Heller as he investigates crimes that will leave you in suspense!


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