Reviews: Vanished

DownloadedFile-1I just finished another mystery that totally had me shocked all the way through. Vanished written by Joseph Finder was one of those novels. Published in 2009, the storyline is about an investigator Nick Heller whose brother Roger and wife Lauren were attacked one night while on a date. Lauren wakes up in the hospital to find out that her husband is missing. Her son, Gabe calls his Uncle Nick to help find his stepfather.

As Nick investigates his brother’s disappearance, he learns a lot about Roger that surprises him. Even Lauren has her secrets. Who took his brother and why? Nick tries to find out what trouble Roger might have gotten himself into. Was his brother blackmailing someone? Did he stage the whole thing just to run off?

This story is full of suspense. A little graphic for my taste but I still enjoyed it. There are some places where certain tactics are describe in detail such as the torture of a few characters that I tried not to imagine because of my weak stomach. There are not too many and it will not stop me from reading the next book about Nick Heller that Finder has written. This novel did surprise me all the way to the end.

Check out Joseph Finder’s website


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