Reviews: Fool Moon

DownloadedFileSo this week I was back to reading the Dresden Files in the second novel, Fool Moon by Jim Butcher. Just by the title one can tell that this story was about werewolves. Murphy, Dresden’s friend within the Chicago’s Police Department, calls him up after weeks of not talking to him. In their last case together he lost her trust in him. Now she needed the help that only a wizard like him could understand and has given him a second chance to clear his and her name.

Internal Affairs is breathing down Murphy’s neck from the last case, and she still has trust issues with Dresden. Why did he always keep things from her? Can she really trust him to help when he will not tell her everything he knows? In his defense he feels if she knew too much it could put her in harm’s way. However the more he keeps from her, the more suspicious he looks. He realizes that he has to share all he knows in order for her to believe and trust him again.

In this case someone is killing people in brutal ways. Wild animal attacks maybe? Murphy believes it could be supernatural. Dresden feels like it is some type of werewolf. The FBI agents wonder why Murphy is snooping out of her jurisdiction on their murder cases. The killings started in Chicago and ended in other areas. Dresden gets an eerie feeling about Federal Investigators on this case. Can they be trusted? Or are they trying to find a way for Murphy to be out of a job? There are many suspects that could be responsible for the killings. Let’s hope Dresden will get to the bottom of it without having to join the bad side to save his own skin.

In this novel there are some surprises and the same humor that only Harry Dresden can deliver in a tough spot. How can one man survive the destruction of the local police department as well as the loss of those he knew? If you like the first one as I did then read this second one.


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