Reviews: Barbie and Ruth

BarbieAs a little girl growing up I always cherished my Barbie dolls. With them I could pretend to be anything I wanted to be. Sometimes she gets a bad rap because people try to find the negative in the doll and how she is portrayed. However, after reading Barbie and Ruth written by Robin Gerber about the woman who created Barbie, you can see that her dream was a positive one after all for the little girls that own one.

Ruth came up with the idea of a plastic doll that little girls could dress and play with by pretending that she could be whatever she wanted after watching her daughter play with paper dolls. The paper dolls would only last so long. There was only so much play you could have out of them before they would fall apart. At first many people, mainly the men, at Mattel (the company that she and her husband founded), did not think that a doll of the sort would be a seller. (Boy they were wrong!) Lets face it Barbie was modeled after a German doll for men called Bild Lilli. That didn’t make Barbie easy for some to accept. People were afraid the doll would give little girls the wrong idea.

Ruth overcame much heartache after making profits with Barbie. Accused of business scandal, surviving breast cancer, and the loss of her son to a devastating disease, Ruth was a woman who never gave up and overcame all of these and many more obstacles. I would have to put her life story up there with Mary Kay Ash as far as women who proved themselves professionally in a man’s world and came out on top. She never gave up on who she was and where she stood on her rights.

This is a book to read about one brilliant woman and her success to the top. A book about how she never gave up no matter what was thrown at her. This book I found to be very inspiring.


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