Reviews: Before I Go To Sleep

imagesI came across this book, Before I Go To Sleep written by S. J. Watson and it sounded a little like the movie 50 First Dates. A woman wakes up every morning not knowing who she is! To me this sounded like something I would really find interesting after having some short-term memory loss myself from a concussion a few months back. Unlike the movie I mentioned, this story had no humor to it. Days later I have to say, I am still thinking about this novel.

 Imagine that you wake up next to a man you have no idea who he is, and where you are. Then you look in the mirror and you look twenty some years older than you last remember. Sometimes you do not even remember your name. This happens every day of your life. That is exactly what happens to Christine Lucas. After her husband, Ben shares a few things with her about herself; he gets dressed and goes to work as a teacher. She sits and thinks about who she is and gets a phone call from a Dr. Nash. Every morning he tells her to get her journal out of the closet where it is hidden from her husband. Her husband did not think Dr. Nash could help her so he would not grant permission for his help. One day Dr. Nash contacts her himself. Christine is so desperate to get her memory back that she lets him help. That is how the journals started. After the doctor calls her, she reads what has been written and adds to it at the end of the day. She puts it back in the closet at night and starts over the next morning.

 She finds out something is not right. After several days of reading and adding to her journal she notices her husband must be hiding something. Things are not adding up. She starts to have memories during the day that she writes down. However, they do not go along with what her husband is telling her. Christine finds many skeletons her closet as she searches to find out who she is. Someone close to her is lying to her. Could it be Dr. Nash? Ben? Maybe her long ago friend who lost touch after her accident is hiding things from her. What about this accident? What really happened? Who can she trust?

 As far as suspense novels go, this is truly my favorite that I have read so far this year! A little scary at times but very believable. This is a story that leaves you on the edge. This is one I will never forget!

Please check out the following website. I just found out that this novel is in the process of becoming a movie starring Nicole Kidman as Christine, Colin Firth as Ben and Mark Strong as Dr. Nash. I am excited that this will be a movie and the website said they will start filming soon. Who knows they might have already started. Get the book now and read it before the movie comes out! I promise you will not be disappointed.




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