Reviews: Crime Seen

imagesAnother Abby Cooper story from the Psychic Eye Mysteries has put Abby into danger yet again. Crime Seen written by Victoria Laurie, is packed full of the psychic warnings that lead the main character into adventures that sometimes, despite her trying to do good, gets her in hot water with her hunky boyfriend and FBI agent Dutch Rivers.

When asked by Dutch to help use her psychic gifts to help him solve three tough cases, she accidentally tunes in on an old case that points to the innocence of a man up for parole that was arrested for shooting Milo’s old partner from years ago. Milo is Dutch’s friend and partner up until Ditch joined the FBI. As you must imagine, trying to prove the innocence of a convicted cop killer does not go over well with her boyfriend. This case has her working with her friend and PI has Abby finding investment scams, close calls to death, as well as a riot at a maximum prison.

As I find myself loving the story line I can sometimes get upset with Abby’s character a little. The one thing she is not always sure of is making commitments to her boyfriend. SPOILER: That changes! No not marriage either. However, Dutch goes to extremes measures to make sure his sweethot, as he calls her, is always close by. J


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