Reviews: Storm Front

imagesAfter watching the Dresden Files on Netflix I became interested in reading the book. So after talking with one friend who had started it already, I decided to as well. I have to say I found another series of books that I enjoy. I, of course, started with book one, Storm Front written by Jim Butcher.

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a wizard who is also a private investigator helping out the local police department. Lieutenant Karrin Murphy contacts Dresden when she has a case that needs someone with his expertise in order to solve it. However some weird things happen that puts Dresden as a person of interest. Torn between helping her as well as keeping his name clean and keeping her from the truth of things that could put her in danger, he loses her trust. In the mean time the White Council sends Morgan, another wizard to watch Dresden to make sure he is not using the black magic himself that is causing all the deaths.

Dresden is another hero you can fall in love with. Maybe not as much suspense as some of the books I have read (at least not in this one) but still a great story line. I wonder what will be his next adventure?


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