Reviews: Family Secrets

DownloadedFile-1In this novel, Family Secrets, which is wonderfully written by Candice Kohl, tells about the secrets that kept this family together and at times almost broke them apart. The story starts out in the summer of 1996 in a rest home where one of the last living sisters of two, Helena, tells the story of the family. What a story she tells. As her nephew’s daughter looking for answers visits her, Helena is the only living relative that can give her the answers that she seeks.

It was easy to follow and you felt for the characters that Kohl has created. You felt their pain and confusion at times.  There are surprises and tears along the way in this novel. I personally love books that start in the present, but tells you stories of the past (1920s) without getting you lost. Kohl did this beautifully. I highly recommend this book to those who love to read stories that tell the events of the past. Reading about other’s family secrets makes you think that maybe yours in not that bad.



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