Reviews: Killer Insight

DownloadedFileKiller Insight written by Victoria Laurie, has us following Abby Cooper to Colorado to fill in as a bridesmaid for a childhood friend, Ellie when all heck breaks loose. The other bridesmaids start disappearing and weird things start happening including visions of the groom in a birdcage lets Abby know that her intuition will not turn out well for the bride to be. Abby plays off her strange visions from her psychic abilities as just being in a different altitude. She is unable for the first time to not be able to do a read for one of the bridesmaids and gets some very confusing dreams about herself that leaves her shaken. On top of all of this, Abby is suffering from a breakup with her boyfriend Dutch. This sends her in the arms of Duffy, Ellie’s brother and the town’s sheriff. This story really had me wondering how it was going to end…

Spoiler: The story starts out with her talking about how she dies. What? She can’t can she? She is the main character right? I guess there are other stories written about a ghost. Is this one? Read to find out.



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