Review: Rapture In Death

DownloadedFileThe last J. D. Robb book, Rapture in Death, I just finished really went beyond anything I would have ever guessed. I have heard of mind controlling, but in this storyline the mind controlling was used by… never mind, I do not want to spoil this.

Eve Dallas just returned from her honeymoon with Roarke to face four different suicides, all being completely out of character for the victims. Would it be correct to say victims? Could someone control a person so much that they cause four different people with nothing in common to take their own life? Eve has a gut feeling that she just can’t let go. Those that know her and believe in her stand behind her crazy theory.

Could Eve just look like a crazy cop who let her imagination get the best of her? How close does she come to falling into someone’s sick fantasy?

With all the usual suspense, Robb again has another story that I could not stop reading.


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