Review: The Titanic Series by, Gordon Korman

DownloadedFileMy review this week is actually on three books all together. Titanic by Gordon Korman, consists of Book One: Unsinkable, Book Two: Collision Course, and Book Three: S.O.S. This series, which is very well written, would have any youth completely “sunk” into the story line. It starts off giving you details of the lives of four young people. Each one came upon the Titanic for different reasons. Soon Paddy, Sophie, Juliana, and Alfie’s lives become forever changed when they involve themselves in mysteries that have them running for their lives.

It is bad enough that soon these youths will be fighting to survive a sinking boat but they soon find through clues, that there is a killer on board. Now they have to find him… before its too late!

Though this book was written for the young, the young at heart will love it as well. Suspense and mystery, just they way I like it.

Bonus, put all three books together and you have the picture of the whole Titanic!


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