Review: The End of Molasses Classes

imagesI just love Ron Clark. The writer of The Essentials 55 has his latest, which has been out for a while, The End of Molasses Classes, Getting Our Kids Unstuck. This book is written for parents and teachers alike with great tips of getting our students out of the blah of learning. Packed with great strategies for teachers to use to help reach their students, Clark talks about the importance of kinesthetic when it comes to learning. He gives many life testimonies of his own and the hard life of having to swallow his own pride when he was not quite as affective with a student/situation.

Clark discusses what makes his school, The Ron Clark Academy work and how we can apply the same principals and values to great positive results. He focuses on the role of the parent and how important it is for us as teachers to have that relationship with the parents in order for the child to succeed. A lot of this goes beyond the classroom. Remember the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”?

Whether you are a first year teacher or thirty years, this book is a great tool to have and refer back to. As a teacher myself I have always loved Ron Clark and the principals he lives by in the classroom.

If you ever get the chance to see him in a seminar I highly recommend it. My next goal is to visit RCA in Georgia and get “Slide Certified”!

Check out more about Ron Clark and his academy.


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