Review: Th e Bride Collector

DownloadedFileAfter reading The Bride Collector written by Ted Dekker, I really did think about this book for days. I had read mixed reviews about it only after a friend ask what I was reading and looked it up himself and thought it seemed scary. So I looked to see what others thought. I actually like the book though I have not read any of Dekker’s books before. This made me think about the mysteries of those with mental illnesses or what we label mental illness. FBI agent Brad Raines comes close to getting the Bride Collector who kills his victims all for the name of God and claims that they are chosen to die because God loves them. Clues that are left lead Raines to the Center for Wellness and Intelligence, which is a home for those with mental illnesses. There he gets help from four of the residence that live there but only one, Paradise will touch him in a special way. It comes to find out that she knows more about this Bride Collector then any of them thought, with her special gift being that of seeing ghost.

This story is so full of suspense that even up to the end you are finding that you have no clue how it is going to end. Along the way I must say there were some things I did not see coming.

To find out more about the author check out his website and new books out.


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