Review: Nook verses Book


DownloadedFileI have always been one who loves the feel of a book. To me nothing can compare. The smell of old books in a library filled with hardback covers that sometimes are out of date is a smell that I cannot describe other than as comfort. Why? I am not sure. I must say my mom was never one of those moms that would read a bedtime story. Maybe that is why I found that to be the most important thing that I did with my children at bedtime. Holding an actual book and looking at the beautiful pictures with them, there really is nothing better.

So with that in mind, the new craze came upon us. Yes, this thing called technology has found a way to replace those comforting books with what we now call a Nook. (Yes, I know a Kindle and iPad fit in there as well. But hey, as a kindergarten teacher, Nook sounds so Dr. Seuss like so that is what I will refer to.) Can you imagine cuddling up to your 3 year old with a Nook? To me this was unthinkable. I mean really, a book you can pass down to your children’s children. Just how long will this Nook be around? Technology is meant to change over time. How will I read The Cat in the Hat to my grandchildren in 10 or so years? Will that Nook still be working?

I vowed to never be a traitor to my books, hardback and paperback alike. No, I was going to stand up for their existence. I planned to support my author friends to keep their books in print and to never pick up one of those cold pieces of plastic, metal, fiberglass, or whatever they were made out of. Books are forever and I was going to show my support and look suspiciously at the flat like appearance of an e-reader. Besides, wouldn’t that Nook be heavier in my purse than a book?

Think how upset I was when I found out that one of my favorite authors, Patrick Taylor, who has a new book coming out in his Irish Doctor series reported on his Facebook that the new book will only be available on an e-reader. This was going to be the book that all of us faithful readers were going to read to get background information on the main character! What ever would I do now? Do I betray these books that I have sat on my lap in my hands during many hours of reading to either myself, or my children?

Then my mind decided that it wanted to betray my heart and all my senses that I use when I hold a hardback book. I told myself I am only doing this to read Patrick’s next book. I have to know what made the doctor in these books get to where he is now. I must know the beginning. So… I went to my favorite hangout other than Starbucks. I went to Barnes & Noble. I bought a …Nook! How dare I? What was I thinking? It is just one book that I will read, I told myself. Then I looked for a protective cover for it, and then it happened. I got excited about reading my first book on my Nook. I got excited about playing with the Apps.  I bought my first book on the Nook.

I didn’t think I would like it. I really think I might love it. It is flat where my books are not, and I can always take more than one book with me on my Nook. Better than that I can sample a book before I buy it!

With my Nook, I found that it is easier to read for some reason than my books. I finish them faster. I found that they are no heavier than my hardback books. Yep, I love that I can adjust the brightness on my Nook as well. I read with the background page in a grayish color with the words in a soft white. I hate bright lights and changing those features to me made things easier. I can now sit in the dark and read and not think twice about it. I carry my Nook everywhere never knowing when I will need to bring it out and read.

I will still buy my real books from Cleo Coyle, Patrick Taylor, and Alice Wisler. Those are the books that I will want to read again and again. Do I recommend a Nook? Yes, I do. I use mine only for reading and it has been better than I have ever thought.

A Nook can be a great tool for many of us that money may play a factor. My books are cheaper now when buying this way. With that said, if you do like to read and you do it a lot, a Nook might be a great investment.


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