Reviews: Getting Out of Bed In The Morning

ef30dced278544ae5e9673114ff4ef27My friend Alice J. Wisler wrote a different kind of book from the novels she usually writes. Getting Out of Bed In The Morning is a book about dealing with grief no matter what type it is. Financial, death, loss of personal belongings such as a home, divorce and a job are just a few of the losses that one might go through that leaves them feeling down and well… not wanting to get out of bed. This book was written from the heart because Alice knows about the greatest loss anyone could ever experience. The loss of a child would be hard to deal with.  This book is written from her heart. I cannot think of anyone better to have such inspirational thoughts and encouragement. This book is broken up into five sections of grieving, from the weeping to hope. Each section has seven to eight daily biblical devotions and reflections to ponder with a total of forty.

After the Sandy Hook shooting many copies of this book were bought by friends and caring people of Alice’s and donated to the families of those that had lost a loved one that terrible December morning. Our hope is that these families will get some comfort from her book. I remembered thinking that this book could not have been written and released at a better time because I know that God will use Alice’s words of encouragement and hope to guide those that feel alone and need comfort. I recommend this book to anyone who needs to be reminded of why they should carry on.

Please read more about Alice and her writing workshops from her website.





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