Reviews: An Irish Country Wedding

imagesI just finished Patrick Taylor’s latest book An Irish Country Wedding. If you love stories that have that old village feel with folks that you could relate to then you will love this book. This will be the 7th in the series about a fictional town in North Ireland called Ballybucklebo in the 1960s, whose main characters are Dr. Fingal Flahertie O” Reilly and Dr. Barry Laverty. In the beginning of the series Dr. Laverty came to this town to work Dr. O’Reilly as a small town G.P. They are more than the local doctors. They also become men who truly love the people in the town and they tend to go out of their way to fix the problems of all who they come in contact with. Dr. Laverty is my favorite of the two who I feel you can easy fall in love with. Fresh out of medical school he starts his career with O’Reilly working under him and finding him self becoming attached to the locals, especially one, Miss Sue Nolan, the schoolteacher who is quiet fond of him as well. This latest book centers around the wedding of Dr. O’Reilly, who after many years will marry the second love of his life. (He was briefly married to his first love who died many years before.) If this sounds like a book you would be interested in then I suggest starting off with the first one in the series, An Irish Country Doctor. Each book has recipes, and a glossary with the dialect of Taylor’s native Ulster for a better understanding. This author’s work feeds my longing to visit Ireland for now. Please check out his website.


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